Pet Boarding Services

Don’t let travel plans leave you stressing about housing your fur baby. At Riley’s Ranch, we specialize in overnight animal boarding, providing the best care for your furriest friends. 

Why should I board my pet at Riley's?

Here are just a few reasons and perks to choosing us for your pet boarding experience

  • Provide overnight boarding for dogs and cats
  • Medical boarding available upon request
  • 16 luxury suites
  • 70 executive suites
  • 16 luxury feline suites for cat boarding
  • 3 large outdoor play areas
  • Splash pad
  • Indoor play area
DogBoarding_Suite: A luxurious dog boarding suite with a plush bed and ample space for canine guests

Here at Riley’s Ranch, we want your pet to feel right at home. We treat each and every animal like our own pet, giving them a safe, fun, and stimulating boarding experience. With our state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained staff of animal lovers, you can rest assured that your family feline or pup is in good hands.

SpaciousDogSuite: A large, comfortable dog suite with a cozy bed and toys for a home-like experience

Our pet boarding offerings

At Riley's, we treat your pets like family. Keep reading to learn more about what makes Riley's the best animal boarding facility in the Austin area.

TailWagging_Dog: A cheerful dog wagging its tail energetically, expressing happiness

We have two options for your furry friend to stay in. Our basic executive suites provide plenty of comforts for your pet to stay in, but if you’re looking for a little something extra, we also provide luxury suites. Our luxury suites include larger spaces with glass doors, slightly more upscale interiors, and our luxury boarders also receive extra one-on-one attention from our staff.

Riley's facility offers 16 luxury feline suites for cat boarding in a separate area from the dogs, so your cat can also experience the Riley's Ranch treatment!

Boarding_Playtime: Dogs enjoying outdoor playtime together while staying at the pet resort

We like to keep our guest pups outside in the fresh air as much as possible. We have three large outdoor play areas for group play and a splash pad to keep cool in the warm Texas sun. Bad weather? Pup’s not a nature-lover? No problem! Our facility also has a spacious indoor play area so that your pooches can stay active (even if it’s raining cats and dogs)

CozyCatNap: A cat napping in a cozy nook at the pet resort, surrounded by soft pillows and blankets

Riley’s Ranch specializes in caring for and boarding cats and dogs. Our cat boarding facility is entirely separate from our dog boarding area, providing a calm and quiet environment for your feline friends. Throughout the day, each cat is allowed out of their kennel one at a time to roam the common area and catch some rays on our window perches. We know that cats tend to be pretty solitary creatures, but if they need some attention, we are more than happy to spend time with them.

SpecialNeedsPetCare: Staff trained to accommodate pets with special needs, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience

Some of our fur babies require a little extra care, especially if they suffer from chronic health issues or have other special needs. In these cases, we offer medical boarding services. Our medical boarding is designed to provide care for:

  • Diabetic pets
  • Pets that need special medications
  • Animals healing from fractures
  • Senior citizen pups with mobility issues
  • Puppies that are still getting the hang of potty training
  • Other special needs

Depending on the case, your pet may be housed in a cage instead of a kennel or kept in a more isolated area to encourage the healing process.