Need some day-to-day help giving your pet the attention they deserve? Our cat and dog daycare services are available to help keep your pet cared for so that you can focus on whatever life throws your way.

CatDaycare_PlayArea: Cats exploring a safe and engaging play area at the pet daycare center

Animal daycare unlike any other.

Our furry friends need a lot of attention and care throughout their daily lives. We want to give them the best, but sometimes life makes it hard to give them the attention they deserve—trust Riley’s Ranch with all your pet daycare needs. Whether you just drop them off for an afternoon or you bring them in every day of the week, we can assure you that your pet is receiving top-notch care every time they visit.

Why trust Riley's Ranch for pet daycare?

DogDaycare_Playground: Dogs enjoying the well-equipped playground at the pet daycare facility

Choosing Riley’s Ranch for pet daycare

There are so many reasons to choose Riley’s Ranch for the daily care of your furry friend

  • Daycare for cats and dogs
  • 3 large outdoor areas where your pet can romp and play
  • Advanced indoor play area for inclement weather
  • Splash pads for hot summer days
  • Grooming suites if you want your pet to have a little extra pampering
  • Isolation areas for some of our shyer friends
DaycareSafety_Precautions: Advanced safety measures, including secure enclosures and trained staff, to ensure pet safety at the daycare

All-day supervision

We’ll keep an eye out for your pet all day long while they romp and play with our other guests in one of our 3 outdoor play areas. Your pup will get the chance to mix and mingle with the other daycare pets as well as our boarding dogs under our supervision. 

BondingTime_DogsCats: A heartwarming moment between a dog and cat

Pick what works best for you and your pet

Need a pet sitter for the whole day? We’ve got you covered! In need of some extra help for just a few hours? No problem. Regardless of your schedule, know that Riley’s Ranch is here to help.